What is Big Trophy Trivia?


Why provide weekly trivia at your establishment? 

Trivia is the hottest thing in bar entertainment. Its sweeping the country and you can’t afford not to be a part of it! But don’t take it from us, check out these articles in major newspapers: 

What is Pub Trivia?

Pub trivia is an interactive and fun game in which friends, family, and co-workers can form teams and compete for big prizes and even a BIG TROPHY!

The game is hosted by an engaging and entertaining Trivia Emcee, who announces questions and plays fun music between questions. Sometimes you can even find clues to the answer in the song being played! 

Questions come from a diverse number of categories, included but not limited to: Movies, Sports, Music, Television, History, Politics, Science, Geography, and General Pop Culture. 

Each weekly game lasts approximately two hours and there are six rounds of questions. In each round there are three questions. Including the Half-time Round and the Final Round, there are 20 separate questions. Teams can wager one of three choices of points for each question and the amounts reset at the end of each round. Answers must be turned in by the end of the song and the host calculates the scores. 

The half-time question is a multi-part question which gives teams a chance to score big points. And in the Final Round, teams can wager up to 15 points. This is the only question where teams can actually lose points and the wager becomes strategic. 

Winners are awarded with a custom-made trophy made specifically for each location. Pictures of your team are taken and posted on our website and Facebook page to celebrate your glorious victory! 

Additionally, your team will win a gift certificate to the establishment where you are playing. 

Pub trivia is a fun way to spend a few hours with friends. It allows you the time to socialize, while competing together towards winning the Trophy!

Company Info

Big Trophy Trivia Company is wholly owned by Kris Parker, who started his small business when relocating to the Tampa Bay area in 2009 as a way to meet new people. Soon, more restaurants and bars were approaching Kris for his trivia services. Today, Big Trophy is located in three different states but remains small in order to provide each owner/general manager with the utmost attention and quality services.  BTT has the most entertaining and engaging hosts, who ask the best questions and run the fairest trivia shows in the business.

Kris Parker, Owner

Kris Parker, Owner

As a small company, we take pride in assisting other small businesses. Unlike our competitors, we do not require our partners to have a minimum level of annual sales or number of establishments before we’ll do work with them. We recognize that some of the best businesses in America are small businesses whose measure of success is providing quality services and building lasting relationships with those in its community. And because we are not solely motivated by money, we offer very reasonable prices and we will never require a contract!

The Trophy 

The "Sharknado" trophy at Arts Tavern

For each and every client, Big Trophy will hand-craft a custom and eccentric trophy that will incorporate the unique characteristics of that establishment. Each week the winners will be ceremoniously awarded the glorious hardware, and our host will photograph the winning team hoisting the trophy. The photos are almost immediately posted on our website and Facebook page so that they can show their friends that they are bona fide champions! The trophy stays in the establishment as a form of advertisement for the weekly trivia competition. Occasionally, we build new trophies and hold tournaments in which the winning team can keep the old trophy. 

No other trivia company does what we do and trivia players LOVE IT! 

Pub Trivia has the power to turn your slowest night into your busiest night! Big Trophy will provide you with an affordable way to do this, and we do NOT require contracts! You can quit at any time.