Trivia Rules & Format

Photography by JAR Media and Design

Photography by JAR Media and Design

Team Members

Teams can have an unlimited number of players, but only one answer per team is required.


A BT Trivia rep will moderate the trivia by asking questions and calculating scoring. The moderator will also play a song between each question and walk around to collect answers so that participants can relax and enjoy the establishment.

There are 6 Rounds with 3 questions per round. There is also a half-time question and a final question.

6 Rounds

In each round, the moderator will announce three categories for that round. Players are provided with three point values to use. In the first three rounds, the point values are 1, 3, & 5.  In rounds 4-6, the point values double to 2, 4, & 6. After each questions is asked, a team will provide its answer on a small slip with their team name, answer, and point value. Each point value can only be used one time per round. There are nine points possible in each of the first three rounds. There are twelve points available in the each of the last three rounds.

Sample Round question: What TV family lives at 742 Evergreen Terrace? -The Simpsons

Halftime Questions

After the third round of questions, there is a halftime question. This question will require teams to make a list of answers. Each answer will be worth two points.

Sample Halftime question: What major league teams have won the last four World Series?

2013 - Boston Red Sox

2012 - San Francisco Giants

2011 - St. Louis Cardinals

2010 - San Francisco Giants

At half-time, the moderator will calculate the scores and announce the standings before beginning round four.

After the sixth round, the moderator will again announce the updated standings.

Physical Challenge 

"In order to make things unique to your establishment and to break up the game, BTT will work with management to implement a physical challenge that incorporates something unique about the place. For example: At wing joints, we have a halftime wing eating competitions. At one of your English Beer Gardens, we have a beer tasting competition, in which participants have to guess the correct beer for bonus points. These challenge have proven to be fun and positive experiences is what brings people back to your establishment. 

Final Question

The final question will come after the standings are announced. Teams can wager 0-15 points on the final question. This question will typically give the teams a list and require the teams to put the list in a particular order.

Sample Final question: Put the following events in order from the earliest to the most recent:

  1. Michael Jackson releases the Thriller album.

  2. Sandra Day O’Connor becomes first female US Supreme Court Justice

  3. Bruce Willis and Demi Moore get married.

  4. The Cosby Show premiers on NBC.


In the scenario of a tie for places 1-3, a tie-breaker question will be asked by the moderator. This question will ask for a specific number and the team who gets the closest wins. If there are more than two teams tied, the team that is closest wins, the team who is next closest gets second, etc.

Sample Tie Breaker question: How much money did the film Shrek 2 make at the box office?
- $441,226,247

After announcing the winners, our hosts will present the champions with their trophy, photograph the team with the trophy, and we immediately post the photo on this site. 

***Trivia participants are strongly prohibited from using cell phones and/or computers during trivia.