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Thursdays at 7pm

It all started with a brew kit...

John and Matt both started brewing beer in their garages as a way to "Escape" from their corporate sales jobs. (Yes, that is how we came up with the name, Escape Brewing Company). It didn't take long for us to figure out that our true passion was making beer. What started off as a hobby in our garages quickly turned to a full on obsession of making beer...a lot of it. Well, the amount of beer that we could legally make for our own consumption.

We both decided to "Escape" corporate america, quit our day jobs, live the American Dream, and open a brewery. You miss every shot you don't take so why not open a brewery, said someone famous...I think.

Escape Brewing Company was born out of our passion for great beer, creativity, and for the love of our family..

Escape Brewing Company

9945 Trinity Blvd.  
Trinity, FL 34655

(727) 807-6092

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